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Legacy Athletic Club is more than just a gym! Along with our team events we also have meet ups that we call “Crunch & Brunch”


What is better? Getting a great workout outside or enjoying a fun brunch on the weekend with your friends?…The answer is BOTH!

First, we schedule a time and place to meet up. Then we engage in a fun and challenging workout and run while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. We follow up the workout with an even better BRUNCH with some of the funniest and loving people you will ever know.

So if you want to add another workout to your week to work on your conditioning, or if you feel guilty about the night before, you can come sweat it out with us.

We think it is important to take the time to focus on technique and skill-work outside of your cross-training classes.

Whether it is on your own or in our workshops, we encourage everyone to slow it down and practice flexibility, functional movement patterns, weightlifting techniques, coordination, skill-work, breathing techniques and healthy nutrition/living habits.

As humans we are continuously learning, so join our free workshops and ask questions!

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