“You can either work hard to take on the hill or never know what it is that people see at the top.”


ProMethod Sports & Fitness is raising the bar for gyms in NJ by building a team of the most qualified and experienced fitness coaches so you can stop searching for answers and get results now.

You wouldn’t ask your mechanic to give you stitches

You wouldn’t ask your dentist to cut your hair

You wouldn’t ask your teenager to do your taxes

So don’t be tricked by the gimmicks and wannabes when it comes to your health and fitness.  Legacy has the highest standards for their coaches and the resumes to prove it.  Join a gym that doesn’t hire just anyone, so you can achieve long-lasting results.

Brian Weber – Founder and CEO

Since Brian was a child, his dream was to open a fitness facility where he could help change thousands of people’s lives.  Throughout many years of being a fitness professional, he learned the reasons why most people fail to achieve their fitness goals.  Gym facilities have become stale and boring, trainers are lazy and unqualified, people lack motivation and inspiration.  People deserve better when it comes to their health but there are not enough quality options out there.

Brian believes that gyms should not be cluttered with machines, and your fitness coaches should be passionate, caring, qualified, and experienced.  Gyms should encourage functional, natural movements that the human body was meant for.  He believes that when it comes to your fitness you shouldn’t have to decide between the specialty fitness studio classes or the amenities of your typical gym.  He blended the two together to create a hybrid facility like no other.  Legacy Athletic Club has plenty of open space and functional equipment such as ropes, monkey bars, tires, sand bags, medicine balls, wall climbs, and other obstacles.  He designed a variety of specialty classes which focus on weight loss, strength, conditioning, speed, agility and toughness.

Brian has attracted friendly and caring people.  They range from beginners to elite athletes.  Whether you are just looking to get in better shape or training for competitive athletic events, he has designed fitness programs tailored to your individual needs.  Since he opened his doors in the fall of 2015, he has had the privilege of helping hundreds of people lose weight, improve strength and endurance, and overcome our physical obstacles, which they thought would be impossible when they first started.

Brian chose the name “ProMethod Sports & Fitness” because him and his team do more than just train people, they inspire everyone to live their lives to the fullest, make healthy lifestyle choices and be prepared to conquer any obstacle they ever encounter.


We will only hire the BEST coaches.

We require more certifications and experience than any other gym in New Jersey.

We will TEACH you.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”. We teach you how to achieve long-lasting results.

Your training will have PURPOSE.

It is our responsibility to provide you with a training program customized for your specific needs.

We will never try to SELL you anything.

You will never hear a sales pitch from us. We let our passion and expertise do the talking.

We CARE about you.

We truly want to see you succeed more than you do.

We will INSPIRE you.

We have created an environment that excites you, teaches you, nurtures you, and shows you how fun and easy the journey can be!

You will always be our #1 priority.

We want to be a part of…