“You can either work hard to take on the hill or never know what it is that people see at the top.”



Coach Brad started a little later in life in the fitness industry, but is no less passionate about changing lives than his younger co-workers! Being part of a family environment with friendly competition has only spurred him to be his best, so he can help his clients become THEIR best. His experience working with a Physical Therapist as a Trainer and Aide allows him to help people with various needs and design safe and effective fitness programs for everyone. He uses a variety of training styles to get his clients results and continues to inspire them to lead healthy and active lives.

“Our community of friendly and caring members consist of beginners to elite athletes.  Whether you are just looking to get in better shape or training for competitive athletic events, we design fitness programs tailored to your individual needs.  Since we opened our doors in the fall of 2015, we have helped hundreds of people lose weight, improve strength and endurance, and overcome our physical obstacles, which they thought would be impossible when they first started. I chose the name “Legacy” because we do more than just train people, we inspire them to live their lives to the fullest, make healthy lifestyle choices and be prepared to conquer ANY obstacle they encounter in their daily lives.”


“Legacy Athletic Club has earned the reputation of being one of the toughest gyms to be hired as a fitness professional. We require all of our trainers to be certified in corrective exercise and have extensive experience in addressing sports injuries and pain. Our elite training staff stands out because of their passion for helping people enhance the quality of their lives through physical exercise and mental toughness.”

Corrective Exercise

Stop covering up the symptoms and discover the root cause of your pain. Address the source of your pain with corrective exercises, postural alignment and training with proper form.

Performance Enhancement

Safe and effective training that gives you blazing speed, unmatched strength and a unique sense of toughness that your competitors will lack.

Weight Management

Learn safe and effective training styles and healthy habits that burn fat and keep it off. Have more energy, reduce the risk of disease and injury and surprise yourself of what you’re capable of.