Why Is Recovery So Important?

Recovery is essential parts of any fitness program and healthy lifestyle. Recovery must occur before progress can be made. That’s why we built our Recovery Lounge with state-of-the-art methods and trainers who know what is best for the athlete’s body.

Read about our services below and contact us to request an appointment.

Our Services

Sports Massage

Increasing and enhancing blood flow helps relieve muscle tension and reduce soreness which creates a quicker recovery period for athletes. Once the muscles have relaxed, you experience an increase in range of motion and flexibility. The recovery lounge offers two unique styles of sports massage. We provide table massage and shiatsu inspired manipulation treatment. Sports massage involving a treatment table consists of friction, compression, kneading, broadening, gua sha or graston technique. Our shiatsu inspired manipulation massage is industry leading. Treatments are not private and experienced fully clothed. Both styles of sports massage are centered on short and long term treatment plans. The therapist designs customized step by step goals based on your muscular imbalance and symptoms.

Compression Therapy

This treatment uses a compressed air system to massage and promote blood flow, which carries oxygen to muscles and flushes waste product, inflammation and swelling. With this healthy blood flow back into the treated areas, you can speed recovery. Studies have shown significant improvement in accelerating recovery after training, enhanced flexibility, range of motion, and performance. This treatment is also great when used with Sports Massage and cold therapy.

Pro Stretch & Maintenance

Stretching is a necessity when it comes to injury prevention, increasing range of motion and flexibility. Pro-stretch and maintenance treatments focus on getting a head of the curve of your future and chronic injuries. We customize our stretching techniques to keep your body performing at optimal capacity so you never miss a beat in your active lifestyle. Active isolated stretching, muscle energy techniques, joint manipulation following a postural evaluation are modalities we use during this type of treatment. We assess your individual muscular imbalances and provide industry leading manipulations to help achieve your best performance.

Grastin Therapy

Graston Therapy is a modification of traditional hands-on soft tissue mobilization that uses specifically designed instruments to allow the therapist to introduce a controlled amount of microtrauma into an area of excessive scar and/or soft tissue fibrosis. The hope is that this will invoke an inflammatory response that will augment the healing process. It is also intended to reduce the stress on the therapist’s hands.

Kinesio Taping

Taping has tremendous benefits for active lifestyles. From pain relief of acute or chronic injury to inflammation, accelerating recovery, reducing muscle spasm and cramps among many others. Kinesiology tape is effective on its own or combined with other treatments. It prolongs the benefits of treatment because the tape is left on for days after your visit. There are no side effects and very few contraindications so most people are able to use this treatment. Taping can also help with postural correction and help you get though an event with more manageable pain levels.