What they are saying about Legacy...

Hands down the best gym in the area. Possibly the best gym on the east coast.
Best gym in the area! Great instructors. Awesome equipment. Plenty of space for weightlifting. Can't ask for a better environment.
Our boys love attending classes. Coaches are fantastic and so supportive with our kids. Very positive and supportive environment. Awesome obstacle course training facility. Coach Brian and Coach Brad go out of their way to include and adapt the classes for our autistic son who loves attending their Kids Ninja classes. We have never see such caring coaches who go above and beyond. Bonus Coach Brian and Coach Ricky all kick my ass in classes too!
Awesome coaches. No ego nonsense to deal with. Team effort. Great environment. Challenging at all levels. All in one gym. I drive an hour n half by the way, so worth it!
Brian, Brad, Ricky, Andrew have all been incredible inspirations to me. I can't thank ProMethod Sports & Fitness enough for every hard workout that pushed me further than I thought I could go. Legacy has made me stronger, healthier, and overall a better person. Can't go wrong with a membership here!!!
Brian Weber "lives" what he teaches, his own family is proof of good health & fitness due to "his" extensive knowledge & healthy way of life...this young man definitely "practices what he preaches" every day.. we know what "our" legacy will be...do you?
So much to do and the atmosphere and people always push you to be greater.
You need education, support, and exercise? Well, Brian Weber has it all in one package! 5 star athletes train at a 5 star location or *****ProMethod Sports & Fitness*****
Awesome Facility , Great Instructors , nothing but positive attitude and encouragement all around. Classes push you and are fun. The Open gym Workout option seem endless ! Will be back again and again! Brian is a class act !!
Brian inspires you just by who he is. He only speaks positively about life and people bc that's exactly how he thinks. He has no time for negativity or laziness or weakness. He will absolutely motivate you to be strong in mind and body and to believe in yourself and WANT to be fit and healthy. His knowledge about fitness and his ability to make working out so much fun helped me get into the best shape of my life. I will always be grateful to him and I'm so excited for his dream coming true with the opening of ProMethod Sports & Fitness!
From beginners to elites, this is the place to train for obstacle course races. All the trainers are top notch! Love training there.
This facility lets you play like a child and tackle things like a beast at the same time! It's amazing and Brian as a trainer and friend is one of the most caring, dedicated people ever. Anyone would be lucky to have him as a coach!!
Love Brian's passion for health and fitness. He is offering something different than everyone else in the industry. Innovation at it's finest form!
Individualized coaching. So much encouragement! Thank you!
A perfect place for anyone w many fitness goals can achieve them! Brian is a great trainer, motivator, and friend. Really cares about his members and helping them reach their utmost potential! He's going to breed elite athletes in the future!
Brian Weber doesn't stop at average. He's always gone above and beyond not because it's his job but because it's his passion to show what your potential can be. He's a testament of passion, dedication and hard work. If anyone knows how to help you break through personal or workout plateaus, it's Brian Weber!
Weber is just the right amount of crazy to push you towards your goals. He's a phenomenal health and fitness coach - very interested in your personal goals and always looking to find movements that work for you.
Awesome gym, awesome people, need I say more?
Not that I had ANY doubts, but this past month has just proved that when Brian sets his mind to something, he succeeds! I am having a great time pushing my limits and exploring the world of Spartan SGX without feeling any pressure to even be remotely good at it!! Brian has built an amazing space full of awesome trainers who are welcoming, strong, athletic, smart and who all follow Brian's effective, efficient and challenging way of training. The hour always goes by so fast and I am always left feeling like I accomplished something for the day. As someone who was there to listen to his pipe dream ideas of opening his own space, I cant even begin to express how proud of him I am. This place is a product of his passion and what he truly believes in ... and it shows. Congrats!!